DuckProve Docs

  • Beginner Guides

    Those guides are supposed to help getting started with DuckProve. Learn how to install duckprove and become a professional.

  • Reports

    A report is a single page containing rows of widgets which use queries to display graphics. Reports are the most important analysis tool to compare results.

  • Experiments

    An experiment is a pure JavaScript snippet which is tested against some users in order to test whether the change improves the site.

  • Queries

    Queries, sometimes called draw queries or referred as draw query language (DQL) is a simple querying feature which allows drawing graphics and connecting data.

  • Graphics

    Generally graphics can be used within a query and accept specific parameters which will allow to draw charts, maps or any other graphic based on the data stored in DuckProve.

  • Developers

    This documentation is for developers using DuckProve. It provides insight into configuration capabilities, interfaces and software development kits.