Server API

The Server API allows managing DuckProve resources over the HTTP protocol.

  • Examples

    Examples demonstrating the DuckProve Server API.

  • Modules

    All modules which are available for the Server API. Those modules will allow to remotely modify DuckProve resources.

Using the API

The Server API has an URL for all operations which are possible. In order to access the API, the user must authenticate and then supply the cookies for all further HTTP requests.

The parameters

There are two kinds of parameters which can be passed to an operation: URL parameters and POST parameters. As the name suggest, POST parameters are contained in the body of the HTTP request, and URL parameters will be visible in the URL.

URL parameters

Generally, optional URL parameters are placed in the query string, while required URL parameters are in the path. In this documentation, required URL parameters will be denoted using “…”. For instance, if there is a …site-name in the URL, this means that the operation requires a site name as a parameter.

Usage Examples

You may find examples on how to use the API in the “examples” namespace of this documentation.