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 +====== Runtime Errors ======
 +Runtime errors are problems which do not occur while saving a widget but will cause a widget to crash when executing.
 +===== There is no data available =====
 +This problem occurs, if the draw query did not return any values. Usually this means there is no data in the table, which might occur if DuckProve is not installed correctly or there has not been any consumers on the site so far. However, it can also happen if the draw query is written badly, in such a way that it is unable to return any values although it should.
 +**Suggestions**:​ If you are running a custom draw query or using somebodies draw query which was not included in the default DuckProve package, make sure the query is working. If you are looking at a default report, make sure your installation is fine. If you can not figure out the problem, don't waste your time and [[https://​ask.duckprove.com/​|ask the community]].