Contains all experiments created through the editor or the DuckProve user interface. To use the experiment table in a useful manner, it should be used together with the @sessions and field tables.


The following columns are available for the experiments.

Name Type Description
id Identifier Contains a unique identifier of the experiment.
name Literal Contains the name of the experiment.
preview Bool Contains a flag whether the preview is active.
running Bool Contains a flag whether the experiment is running.
channel Number Contains the channel which is used to fetch experiment specific data.


The channel is a number, just like a TV channel it determines on what number the experiment is running. Using the channel and the participation (and baseline) columns of the sessions and field tables it is possible to determine which experiments participated. An example:

draw number
using count() from @sessions
where participates(1, participation) -- 1 is our channel

Example Queries

The following query outputs a list with all experiments, together with their respective status.

draw table 
using name, if(running, 'Running', if(preview, 'Preview', 'Stopped')) as Status from @experiments

In the following example, we are writing down all experiments which are in the tag #scrolling:

draw table 
using @experiments.name from @experiments
join @experimenttags on @experimenttags.experimentid = @experiments.id
join @tags on @experimenttags.tagid = @tags.id
where @tags.name = '#scrolling'