The user agents table holds data of all kinds of user agents it knows about. Generally the view stores a relation to the user agent.


The following columns are available for the user agent.

Name Type Description
id Identifier Contains the identifier of this user agent.
name Literal Contains the name of the browser. Eg. “Chrome”
fullname Literal Contains the full user agent string.
version Literal Contains the version of the browser.
platform Literal Contains the operating system. Eg. “Windows”.
device Enum Contains the device (mobile, tablet or desktop.
robot Bool Contains a flag whether the browser is a robot.

Example Query

This is an example query which shows the user agent distribution. There are more examples available for all kinds of stuff.

draw pie-chart
count(ua.id) as value, ua.device as label 
from views as v
join useragents as ua on v.useragentid = ua.id
group by ua.device